The Major (major) roads of Metro Manila

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Yes, suck on it, Metro Manila has thousands of roads and streets (City Roads or National Roads), but only 15 was originally stipulated to be the major thoroughfares of the Metropolis. This road network has been with us for almost 70 years already and yes, it predates even the MMETROPLAN that was formulated during the Marcos Regime.

Predicting that the current Metropolis of the 1940’s (Manila, Quezon City + Makati, Caloocan and Pasay) will expand further until it touch the shorelines of Laguna de Bai, Louis Croft, one of the original planners of Quezon City and with Antonio Kayanan, prepared the Metropolitan Throuroughfare Plan of 1945, which proposed the laying of 6 Circumferential Roads and 10 Radial Roads from the old Manila until the Bulacan Rizal Boundary up to the Marikina, unexpectedly, we have been building it from the start of our nationhood. As of now, we have completed 4 circumferential roads, the fifth is getting completed and the last is on the planning proccess.

The Circumferential Roads of Metro Manila

Circumferential Roads, as for their name are roads that enable you to go around the Metropolis seamlessly.

Circumferential Road 1 (C-1) – it starts from Finance Road in Luneta, and it circles up to Ayala Bridge, Ayala Boulevard, P. Casal and the whole of Recto until it finishes in the North Harbor. It links the oldest districts of Manila: Intramuros, Ermita, Quiapo, San Miguel, Sampaloc, Santa Cruz, Binondo and Tondo.

Circumferential Road 2 (C-2) – it starts in the Quirino Avenue in Malate, up to Nagtahan Bridge, to Arsenio Lacson Avenue and ends at Tayuman Road where it meets the North Harbor. It links the outer districts of Manila: Malate, Paco, San Miguel, Santa Mesa, Sampaloc, Santa Cruz and Tondo.

Circumferential Road 3 (C-3) – It starts in the Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue in Man and goes up to South Avenue and where the south roads terminate at the Santa Ana Race Track. The North segment start at J. P. Rizal and continues to F. Blummentritt, N. Domingo, G. Araneta Ave, Sgt. Rivera until 5th Avenue in Caloocan where it terminates at Navotas Port. This is the first Circumferential Road with parts outside the city of Manila, hopefully the discontinuity will be already connected in the Santa Ana.

Circumferential Road 4 (C-4) – This is more popularly known as EDSA or Epifanio delos Santos Ave. The road starts at the Mall of Asia in Pasay, and goes up to Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Quezon City and Caloocan where it terminates at Malabon. This Circumferential Road stretched mainly outside of Manila and is the busiest road in the Philippines. It once had the widest road until the Commonwealth Avenue expansion.

Circumferential Road 5 (c-5) – This is more known as Pres. C. P. Garcia Avenue. It starts at Las Pinas and Continues to Paranaque, Taguig, Pasig, Quezon City. As of now, C-5 only Stretches until Katipunan Avenue. Construction of a Flyover to link C-5 from Tandang Sora to Luzon Avenue over Commonwealth Avenue. Upon completion of this flyover, C-5 is expected to continue to Luzon Avenue, Congressional Avenue, Mindanao Avenue until it reaches NLEX. As an extention, NLEX segment 9 and 10 will complete C-5 from R-1 to R-10.

Circumferential Road 6 (C-6) – This is still in planning, upon construction it will be called Father Zamora Expressway, after the martyred priest. It will not enter Metro Manila but is expected to bring about faster travel to vehicles travelling around the provinces in the outskirts of Metro Manila like Bulacan, Rizal and Laguna.

The Radial Roads of Metro Manila

Radial Roads are roads that enable you to go in and out of the Metropolis, these roads lead to the provinces beyond the outskirts of Metro Manila.

Radial Road 1 (R-1)– The Radial Road 1 starts at Del Pan Bridge in Manila, continues to Bonifacio Drive, Roxas Boulevard until it reaches Cavite Expressway. Radial Road 1 connects Cavite and Metro Manila.

Radial Road 2 (R-2) – The Radial Road starts at Arroceros in Manila, Continues to Taft Avenue and Quirino Avenue in Pasay and connects to Aguinaldo Highway in Cavite. R-2 connects Cavite and Metro Manila.

Radial Road 3 (R-3) – The Radial Road 3 starts at C-2 in Paco and is known as South Superhighway, and continues to SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) and STAR (Southern Tagalog Arterial Road) to connect Laguna, Batangas and Metro Manila.

Radial Road 4 (R-4) – The Radial Road 4 Starts in Pedro Gil, and continues to Tejeron, and Terminates at J. P. Rizal Avenue in Pateros.

Radial Road 5 (R-5) – The Radial Road 5 starts at Legarda and continues to Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard to V. Mapa, Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong until it ends at Pasig Boulevard in Pasig. The Radial Road connects Manila to Pasig City

Radial Road 6 (R-6) – The Radial Road 6 share the same starting street in Legarda with Radial Road 5, but it branches out to Aurora Boulevard which stretches from C-3 to C-5 where it intersects with Katipunan and ends at Marcos Highway in Masinag, Antipolo.

Radial Road 7  (R-7) – the Radial Road 7 starts at Quezon Bridge where it stretches to Quezon Boulevard, Espana in Manila, Quezon Avenue, Elliptical Road, Commonwealth Avenue, Regalado Avenue in Quezon City. The Radial Road 7 intersects with the Quirino Highway Branch of Radial Road 8 to continue to San Jose del Monte in Bulacan.

Radial Road 8 (R-8) – The Radial Road 8 starts at Quezon Bridge, but branches from R-7 thru Andalucia, and runs Dimasalang, Laong Laan until A. Bonifacio Avenue and at Circumferential Road 4 intersection, the Balintawak cloverleaf to start North Luzon Expressway until it goes to the Manila North Road. R-8 Branches at Balintawak through Quirino Highway to connect Novaliches to Sapang Palay in Bulacan.

Radial Road 9 (R-9) – The Radial Road 9 starts at McArthur Bridge in Manila and continues to Rizal Avenue from Manila to Caloocan where it continues to McArthur Highway in Valenzuela and Bulacan.

Radial Road 10 (R-10) – The Radial Road 10 starts at the Delpan Bridge and goes north to President Ferdinand Marcos Highway. Radial Road to connects the North Harbor and South Harbor.

As a start, all transportation engineering shizz that I’ll post here will be almost based on this road configuration.

Sources: Arkitekturang Filipino, A History of Architecture and Urbanism in the Philippines

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