The Ultimate Railway Plan

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Railways, Uncategorized

It just accidentally hit me when I was researching about the Mindanao Railways that during the National Elections of 2010, Vice Presidential Candidate Bayani Fernando promised a fast rail that seamlessly connects NorthRail, SouthRail and the proposed Mindanao Railways via Samar and Leyte and idealistically reduces travel time in the archipelago from days to just hours as a part of his campaign. Being only third year that time, I haven’t yet studied feasibilities yet. That seamless travel is just a foolish dream that has not been thought over thoroughly.

Why is this very impossible?

The distances and the seismicity of the places connecting Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

The link between Luzon and Visayas

The Link Between Leyte and Mindanao

Yes, the longest bridge in the world is Danyang – Kushang Grand Bridge in China at 165 km. The distance between Sorsogon in Luzon and Allen in Samar is just 20-30 kilometers, Liloan in Southern Leyte and Surigao City is also 20-30 but the Philippine Trench nearby dangerously nearby poses a great hazard should the trench move, there is a great possibility that it could destroy the bridge could it be built.

The Cost of Construction

We have a penchant of getting slow on projects that are of great amount so there, And we are not exactly that good financially. Our whole Railway Plan from Luzon to Mindanao costs between 5-10 billion US$ that’s why we can’t build anything very hard on money at this time.

What could have been more feasible?

He should have pursued NorthRail, SouthRail in Luzon and the North Mindanao Railway Line and then pursued a Express Bus System for those who will depart for Mindanao. Luzon and Visayas, Visayas and Mindanao sea links will still be connected by ferries serviced by fast carriers that can travel the seas faster than the usual vessels. If budget already warrants it, the rapid buses in Leyte and Samar could now be converted into Railways. Mindanao Railways is more priority. Mindanao Railways has been in the plans since 1998 and is positive to get started this decade after the NorthRail has been finalized (You know how fast our government acts, when they say next year, it means next decade). Yes, Mindanao has been dreaming of its own rail as propeller of growth since a peace deal had been forged between MNLF and the Government.


  1. Kate Lamac says:

    my suggestion is why don’t you use underwater tunnel for trains ?? i think it’s more efficient than bridges .

  2. jom says:

    The Gov’t should consider building a Stronger bridge that connects sorsogon to samar. and Bridge that connects negros to cebu to bohol. It will improve the economy and many more.

  3. WalterZiobro says:

    The concept is intriguing of building rail connections between Luzon and Samar, and Leyte and Mindanao. Maybe the technical problems could be minimized by building several artificial islands in the straits connected by smaller bridges. This could reduce cost, and minimize damage from quakes and storms.

    Maybe the artificial islands could also be connected with tidal generators and/or barrages to produce power as well, making the project even more productive.

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