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That C-3 Disconnection

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ll maintain this position for now. As of now, only 2 Circumferential Roads of Metro Manila could round up the whole city and could intersect with the 10 Radial Roads of Metro Manila. Forget C-1 or Recto, the north segments of Recto are crowded with hawkers and other obstructions. The two nice Circumferential Road are the Circumferential Road 2 and 4. But they are still congested, since they are the only roads that could go round, they are best used by provincial buses. The only solution for the EDSA mess is C-5, but since we are still completing C-5 we have to content ourselves with C4 and C2. But we are forgetting that only a kilometer of C-3 are still disconnected, and completing this is a good alternative link from Makati to Quezon City without even going to EDSA. A lot of trips are from QC to Makati and vice versa during peak hours.

C-5 will still take a decade(s) to complete because of major major Right of Way Issues. Completing this link will be a lot easier now as it should be because Santa Ana Park (that patch of Green there) has been already transferred to Cavite, paving the way for new developments in the Area.

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