The Problem that is the MRT 3

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since 2008, the main Light Railway Line  traveling through Metro Manila’s busiest highway, the EDSA MRT 3 has become more congested and unbearable. The railway obviously failed to keep pace with the growth of ridership. Ridership zoomed to heights beyond the capacity of the railway. Today, the ridership per day is at 500,000 compared to the capacity of 350,000 per day. The MRT 3 remains to be the fastest and the cheapest way to travel through EDSA at 15 pesos and at least 30 minute travel from North End to South End. Below is the current figure of the MRT 3 System.

MRT 3 currently services 4 Central Business Districts (Cubao, Ortigas, Makati and Bonifacio Global City). With these High Density Districts still growing and another Central Business District in North EDSA, Quezon City and Newport City in Pasay to be built in the future. I estimate that the ridership will zoom from 750,000 to almost a million. The current line alone cannot handle these expected growth so it will be either Bus Lines or a parallel MRT line to cope up with the increase in travellers. So I think, MRT 3 has to be extended to the Mall of Asia in Pasay City with additional stations at Roxas Boulevard and Mall of Asia and a parallel subway line with stations only at the High Density Districts of EDSA. Most of the trips are made in these High Density Districts so I made it a premium to have a parallel line to quickly traverse these districts. The concept is copied from the Chicago Blue Line where a part of it is only open during rush hours, but seeing to it that EDSA MRT is busy the whole day, it could fit either for Rush Hour Only Basis or the same time as the Old Line. Here is the concept I have for EDSA.

The Rush hour line should serve 500 thousand passengers a day, and the old line should also serve the same volume of riders a day. Buses and Jeeps then could be elinimated in EDSA and the Roads could already serve private vehicles easily.

  1. I would suggest adding Ortigas and Buendia Stations to the Rush Hour line, too. Lots of commuters to the Ortigas and Makati CBDs also get off at those stations.

  2. kagbalete says:

    Subway lines in flood prone Manila? Not a good idea. And too expensive. It would be more cost effective to increase the capacity of the trains by increasing the frequency and the number of cars per train.

  3. ambitchiosa says:

    MRT 3 is just a failed system period

  4. Firestorm says:

    Fast forward to 2015, where passengers must tolerate even longer lines and the occasional train breakdown. *sigh*

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