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I have been asked two things in Tumblr about the Metro Manila Mass Transit already.

  1. Can the two elevated Light Rails (LRT 1 and MRT 3) could hold Heavy Rail Coaches?
  2. Can LRT 1 Train Coaches can go to the MRT-3 tracks and vice versa?

Answering the first and second question will have to be connected with the engineering specs of both tracks. Interestingly, both LRT and MRT rail track run at the Standard Gauge and their electromechanical works run overhead. There is a possibility that LRT trains could go to MRT tracks and vice versa, but the difference lies in their coaches. MRT coaches run at 120kph and LRT lines at only 60 kph. MRT leans more to the Rapid Rail Transit than the Light Rail Transit. LRT has then have to convert the old line to a more Rapid Rail Transit and to demolish stations that is almost a kilometer away from the preceding and succeeding station. To repeat, there is just a possibility, and I don’t think the physical integration of the two lines will not happen within the short term.

The Answer for the heavy rail train conversion is obviously, more on the structural capacity of the trackways themselves. Heavy rails might be too heavy for the rail to handle that it might collapse. In this premise, the tracks of LRT 1 and MRT 3 might not handle heavy rails.


(Un)Closing the Loop

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at the twilight of her term as the President of the Philippines trumpeted the closing of the MRT – LRT Loop as one of her achievements. But did she really close the loop? The answer is not really.

The original plan for the Loop Project is that MRT should have been extended to Monumento (for the LRT – 1 Link) and Sangandaan (for the PNR NorthRail Link and might include the extension to the end of Circumferential Road 4 in Navotas.

The Original Plan was killed by one thing: the proposed transfer of the Bonifacio Monument from the middle of the Rotunda to other place in Caloocan. So LRTA took over the project and changed some specs of the project. It is the Yellow line that extended towards North Avenue. Now, the project did not link to PNR NorthRail (but it still links at Southrail via MRT Magallanes) but anticipating the MRT 7 Project from North Avenue to Bulacan, a Common Terminal is to be built in SM North EDSA to connect the three rail lines in a common station.

Until now, the operating terminal station of LRT 1 is only until the Roosevelt Station, and the Distance from LRT Roosevelt and the MRT North Station is  1.5 km. If you expect a Pedestrian to walk that far to transfer rails, dream on! If you think this is an efficient Loop, better think twice already.

For the Bonifacio Monument, I think people should have lifted it from the Traffic trap into a decent Park or Plaza. It’s not giving it the dignity it deserves by keeping it trapped in traffic. Some people should have thought of this for a while.