EDSA Expressway Concept: The Third Level

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bored and trapped in that rush hour traffic along EDSA yesterday, I just thought EDSA’s system of flyovers and underground tunnels are already obsolete and should be decommissioned, demolished and redesigned already. EDSA should have a more extensive North South connection because obviously, at grade roads are already obsolete. While retaining the MRT3, EDSA should have an Elevated Expressway on top of the MRT3. While too expensive to tell, this is one of the ways to finally bring order to the busiest and the most problematic highway in the Philippines. The roads at grade could be reserved for the Buses for a BRT Line and some motorists who do not want to drive in the Expressway above.

Traffic Flows of the design

Alignment: Along EDSA (Circumferential 4) from NLEx to SLEx and Metro Manila Skyway above the Tracks of MRT3

Length: 18 kilometers

Est. Travel Time: 20-30 minutes (based on 80kph maximum speed, current EDSA speed is 20-30kph)

Entry/Exit Ramps at: NLEx (Radial Road 8), Quezon Avenue (Radial Road 7), Aurora Boulevard (Radial Road 6), Shaw Boulevard (Radial Road 5), J.P Rizal Avenue (Radial Road 4) and SLEx & Skyway (Radial Road 3). Optional Ramps at Ayala Ave.


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