EDSA Express Buses

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Uncategorized


In between overloaded MRT Trains on slow EDSA Traffic, MMDA DOTC and LTFRB introduced Express Buses in EDSA last March. It’s a hybrid between a BRT and a Regular Bus, where these buses share the road with the rest of the traffic where BRT has an exclusive route and lesser stops than the regular buses. Express buses promised a faster travel from Fairview in Quezon City to Makati City because of this. Unlike regular city buses, express buses can pass through underpasses and flyovers closed to traffic (Aurora, P. Tuazon & Tandang Sora)

Initially it has 3 different routes depending on the final stop of the bus but was made more flexible but stops remain the same: Ortigas MRT and Ayala Center in Makati.

I have been riding the bus service for two months now, and I should say it’s a big change from overcrowded buses and stress inducing MRT. I doesn’t allevate the EDSA Traffic (vehicle volume stayed the same) but it delivered a somehow faster trip compared to frequently stopping regular buses. I should say this is a marked improvement. Obviously this line only serves the Fairview – Makati Routes so there is limited ridership. This still has room for growth as some areas are traversed by EDSA buses. Buses from Navotas (UE Letre) & Valenzuela (Malanday) could become express bus routes opening opportunities for North EDSA & Quezon Avenue to become bus stops before Ortigas therefore relieving some stress to MRT 3 ridership.



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