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In the battle between erratic Oil companies and Transport Groups, there is always a sure loser. No, not one of them. The loser is as always, the Filipino Commuter.

We have been held hostage when they increase either gas prices or fare prices. When fare prices do not go up, we experience transport strikes.

Also, we are helpless on the sorry state of our Public Transportation system. Every public utility vehicle is a running coffin, since earning for survival is of prime priority than moving people efficiently, anything could be done in the road. It seems the title “Hari ng Lansangan” just legitimized their anarchic activities in the city.

Buses should be the best option for cheap mass transport (in absence of rails) but we actually have an oversupply of buses, especially in EDSA where you can see them running empty, if not half empty. Buses should have an ideal headway of 3-5 minutes, but you can see them begging you to ride them in less than a second. These are also experienced by jeeps at other major roads of the Metropolis. Outside of Metro Manila, we actually have an under-supply of PUVs

Even our Rails are now inefficient, they are congested even at non-peak hours. Yes, rails are cheap at 15 pesos in maximum fairs but to take a person from one end to another, the government usually spends 80 pesos. Our government actually subsidizes 65 pesos. 15 pesos for a long trip now is already free. The tight competition for passengers between MRT and buses makes EDSA buses lower down their fares so low that they lose money.

Public transportation should be a contract of Public Convenience. But by the way Transport Groups hostage us to get what they want and give us a service not worth our limbs and lives, we only suffer silently.

That should not be the case. Like we should get the best from the government, we should also get the best services from the Public Transportation. Absolutely, Filipino Commuters deserve better Public Transportation Systems.